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【DIY】Introducing how to make wooden Marche table fixtures in 5 minutes !!

This time, I will introduce how to make the Marche table used in the creators market.

Actually, it is the original of Ojizaka.

I made my own DIY using wood that I don't usually handle.

If you are looking for furniture for the exhibition, or if you are an artist and are interested, please refer to it.

Why did you make it?

I looked it up on Amazon and the net, but I made it because it doesn't exist.

When I thought about the layout when I participated in the creators market, I came up with it.

There is no furniture.

So I thought about the blueprint and actually made it.

There are no tools in one room of the condominium, but I managed to get it into shape.

What is the concept of this shelf?

Folds and lightly. In other words, it is important to carry!

I am thinking of using the train to participate in the exhibition.

So I focused on lightness as much as possible.

The result is 3kg! !! I was able to easily carry an hour to the venue.

Assembly takes 3 minutes.

All you have to do is erect the pillars and place the top plate.


how did you make it?

I actually shot a video。

I think it's the most interesting place.

Since it is an amateur level, please take a look.


What are the materials and tools?


3 top plates
8 vertical pillars
12 pillars
4 hinges
24 large screws
16 small screws
electric screwdriver

This is the square lumber used this time.


I didn't have the top plate on Amazon, so I bought it at Rakuten.


How long did it take?

Production time is 2 hours

It was easy to do anything, but I was worried about the concept of this time, "folding and lightly" for about a month.

For the design, I drew a rough drawing in Excel and made an approximate image.

I searched for materials on Amazon and Rakuten because there is no home improvement store nearby.

After that, if you make it lighter, the strength will be lost, so I was an amateur, so I had a problem not knowing how much it should be made on the net.

If you actually go to a home improvement store, you can touch the wood and feel that this strength is okay.

So if possible, how much will it distort by actually touching the wood? How about the weight? We recommend that you check it.


Please tell me the tips

When screwing, make a pilot hole in the lumber.

If you close the screw without making this pilot hole, it will crack.

Therefore, it takes some time, but it is recommended to make a pilot hole.

When fixing the pillars with screws, I think it's okay if two people work while fixing them.

The rest is a clamp.

It will move when drilling pilot holes or cutting wood.

It is a clamp that fixes it.

Amazon sells cheap ones for around 1,000 yen, so it's convenient to have one.


I have a challenge

It depends on whether you want to be strong, easy to carry, or which one is more important.

We make it with the concept of "folding and light".

① There is no strength

The product of Ojizaka this time was a cloth back and pouch, so there was no problem in terms of strength.

However, I don't think heavy things are possible.

(2) The top plate will be distorted.

It absorbed moisture and was distorted. You also have to be careful about leaning and storing.

③ The pillars will also be distorted.

The pillars are selected to be thin.

I think it was because it was twisted during the screwing stage during assembly.

This is because I was working in an unstable state in a room of the condominium where there were no special tools or workbench.

④ Unstable after assembly

It is portable and takes 3 minutes to assemble, so it is not fixed and becomes unstable.

If you touch the shelf for a while, you will almost fall.

There are challenges, but I think I'm satisfied.

At this exhibition, I was able to use it for two days without any problems such as dropping the exhibits.

I was able to carry it on the return train without any problems.



Can you make it to order?

We will support you

I think there are many handmade artists who are also having trouble with furniture.

Please contact us after acknowledging that the precautions are handmade and there are the above four issues.

Please feel free to contact us first.

Dedicated bag

I made a special bag for carrying around

This is a cloth bag, which is also a specialty of Ojizaka.

The dimensions are also perfect.

I chose black because the fabric is easy to get dirty when moving.

The material is thin but durable and uses the twill weave thread used for pocket cloth.

If this is the case, you can carry it around without worrying about moving by train.



How about that?

Did you find it helpful for the Marche table?

Not only handmade works, but also Marche tables, etc.

I would like to take on the challenge.

If not, we are trying to make it.


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